Instagram introduced its Stories feature in the year 2016. Instagram stories are a  feature that, like Snapchat- gives the users the latest method to share their day-to-day life moments. Instagram Has one billion active users since the release of stories features the Instagram users active on that, which retains them around thirty minutes per day. You can also buy Instagram story views to make your audiences active on your story. 

The story format of Instagram is the visual format, and it is different from the normal news feed posts. Your Instagram posts will be available on your Instagram profile up until you trash it, but Instagram stories are only available 24 hours. After that, they will be automatically deleted. Your Instagram stories can be either plain text, images, or videos. At one time, you can also upload multi slides and incorporate GIFs or emojis, use hashtags, and tagging your location.

The maximum length of the Instagram stories is fifteen seconds. It is the average limit of a TV commercial, even though it may look long, so it is many of time to express your messages to your audiences. 

Every day 500M users use Instagram stories. Big brands like Vogue and Bustle have used these Instagram features and experienced more advantage outside of social media platform engagement.


There are 2 types of Instagram accounts: business accounts and personal accounts.

If you do not have a business Instagram account for your business, you can convert your personal account into a business Instagram account.  When you have a business account, you can have some of the data of your story:

Replies of the Instagram story: the total number of times people send you a message via the “send message” feature of the story at the bottom.

Next story: the total number of taps to the next account’s story before you is completed.

Excited: the number of how many users leave your story before your story goes back to their regular Instagram feed. 

Back: total count times users tap to move rear to a preceding story.

Forward: a total time people tap to skip to the next story.

Reach a total count of accounts who saw your stories or story over a particular frame of time.

Interactions: see how many users went from viewing a story to clicking its link or the link in your Instagram profile.

You can view the completion based upon brackets of 14 days, seven days, or 24 hours to provide you a narrow or comprehensive view of your try. When you have a business account, there are also a pair of advantages that are unlocked. 


Creating a story on Instagram is very simple. You begin by tapping on your Instagram profile photo. You can also discover this at the upper left side corner of your display when directly going to your profile or viewing your news feed on Instagram.  You can choose the story type you should share: plain, video, or image. You can directly record videos or take photos within the Instagram applications. Or you can upload ones from the photo library of your phone.

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