IGTV is an abbreviation of Instagram TV, and now it is becoming an essential section of social media strategies.  Instagram allows its users to post the one-minute IGTV video preview on the primary feed of Instagram, things began to change, and views skyrocketed.

Instagram introduced IGTV back in June of 2019 as the latest application for watching a vertical and long-form video from your treasured creators. And then, they will allow landscape videos in May 2019. So basically, an IGTV is a competitor with YouTube. All creators have their own “channel,” which is the same as Television. Video automatically starts playing instantly you access the IGTV, just like the TV. for getting more comments, you can buy Instagram TV comments for your content. There is an IGTV standalone app, but it can also be directly accessed from your Instagram app. Unlike the regular IG videos, Instagram TV videos can be ten minutes to one hour long. 


Instagram TV can have crucial advantages for your own business as well as your client’s business. It is all about making value for your consumers. Here are some of the advantages that come with Instagram TV: more traffic, longer videos.

Longer videos and more traffic: unlike videos directly uploaded to IG, your Instagram TV videos can be ten to sixty minutes long. Those make IGTV a considerable spot for story features, behind-the-scenes how-tos, and more. IGTV needs to be well thought out and well planned, while IG stories and other social media platforms benefit from posting things as they occur. To reach the target audiences, buy Instagram TV likes from us; Having another spot to share the content means that another spot is to be seen, which means more customers and more engagement.


Instagram allows the users to post the preview of the IGTV videos to the news feed directly so that audiences have increased. Then your followers and audiences can straightly tap from their feed to view the whole video. Sending fans to your Instagram TV by posting the previews helps out to boost engagement.  


You can access Instagram TV via Instagram or through a standalone application. Actually, we suggest downloading the app if you do making lengthy videos. 


First, you have to click the icon “TV” in your IG app or download the IGTV application. If you are an Android user, download the app from Play Store, or if you are an iOS user, download it from the App Store. 

It will query if you wish to keep up with your current IG profile when you open the IGTV app. You can click Switch Account if you are in work with more than one account.

And modify your notification next, or you can omit it for later.

And then, make your channel by clicking on the “create channel” option in the upper right side corner.

And that is it.

Now you can upload the videos on IGTV with the title and description. You can also add the URL in your description that you want to direct the users.

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