The Advanced Guide On Instagram Statistics For Your Industry Growth

Today, starting from dawn till dusk, say brunch, business meetings, and beach time posted online. Are you surprised to make your schedule visible by Instagramming?

Recently, Instagram has grown significantly over the years. It is taking up to extend its level. The photo-sharing application has reached a long way from specifically favorable for travelers releasing their holiday images to now attracting every type of advertisers, influencers and business-brand

At the moment, it’s safe to know that your audience is using Instagram. Moreover, your competitors are striving hard too. But ranking on top of Instagram trends turned some complicated styles. Your focused audience might be looking at the feeds right now. So the simple question for the business makers is how and why they need to be available online on Instagram. 

If your brand doesn’t have its presence on Instagram? Then you can accomplish your marketing statistics. It will motivate and provide you with a strategic method of making performance on the Instagram social media platform.

Let’s get started with the topmost Instagram stats for 2021 to resonate some results on Instagram’s increasing importance for your business. 

1. Guess! How Many Use Instagram?

Since June 2018, Instagram has reached one billion monthly active users. It is an enormous breakdown for the primary mobile photo-sharing platform. Higher than 500 million active users are utilizing the platform regularly. As of now, the Instagram application is one of the most prominent social media platforms globally. 

A few years ago, in June 2013, Instagram had 130M monthly active users. After which it’s growth exceeded ten times more. 

Instagram is a social media network that lets users share and edit both videos and photos. Among the different social media platforms, YouTube and Facebook have massive daily active users than Instagram. Sometimes Instagram was eagerly used by teens and younger millennials. 

Hence, if you question your brand’s need to spend the time and invest money on Instagram, then the higher count of monthly enabled users should be accomplished. 

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2. How Hashtags Impact Instagram?

Recently, the most exciting statistics on Instagram is hashtags. If you make use of hashtags, you can make your profile sky-high with outstanding results.

Even after the concept of using hashtags to tag on your Instagram post., you can find a niche on social media was in 2007, its purpose has popped and is today known as a supreme element of social media.

It is recent Instagram statistics that reveal the total Instagram post consisting of several as 10.7 hashtags. 

Think again to use every hashtag to reach fresh users and develop your audience. Studies reveal that it’s not a massive scenario with the Instagram hashtags. As a fact, engagement reduced for posts with six or more hashtags. Hence, try to utilize five. 

And if you need to become strategic, you might be fascinated to understand the several famous hashtags on Instagram. #love used over two million times. Hence it might reflect the warm feeling sung by your viewers on your post, floating within the two million other posts by using the same hashtags. 

Say, for instance, #instagood, #fashion, #photography and #art create the four most famous
Instagram hashtags. 

3. Start Your Business on Instagram:

Now, Instagram is growing famous. An estimated range of 71% of U.S. businesses possess Instagram for business from the studies in 2018. Also, the same research says that 7 out of 10 Instagram branded hashtags.

Higher than 80% of businesses take Instagram’s engagement as an essential metric. The engagement factor is one of the critical KPIs that is a key performance indicator for several marketers. 

Today, businesses have got an ideal chance to make use of Instagram for social media marketing. Not only it means to be a massive market, but also there’s a fascinated audience. You can reach without investing money. 

I hope these Instagram statistics were helpful for your profile improvement, and thanks for reading!

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