Promote Your IGTV Videos: 5 Methods To Acquire Maximum Reach

IGTV is taking your business to the next level; brands are almost loving it. With plenty of opportunities to be found on the explore page. You can create long-form video content for up to 10 minutes. You are allowed to make a running video series. IGTV is one constructive way to boost your Instagram strategy. It is like a traditional TV, but it is designed for a modern world and customized for mobile users. 

The research study shows that mobile video will account for nearly 78% of total mobile data. Many marketers, brands find it beneficial to use IGTV for their business. Lots of people post engaging videos on IGTV, but they failed to promote them. 

Here are some of the successful ways to promote IGTV videos. 

Cross Promotion Is Must 

Remember, whatever you do on social media, cross-promotion is essential. Your target audience will be spread out on all other social media. It is necessary to let your audience know about your latest updates and alert them regularly about them. Make use of Instagram stories and feed post areas to promote or give advertisements about your video.

You can share short snippets and clippings like a teaser for your original videos on the Instagram story. It creates buzz around your audience, and they will early wait for the original release. Next, you can share a preview of your video in your feed part. It encourages your audience to watch your complete videos. It will bring bags of engagement and audience attention. Moreover, IGTV comments increase credibility with that comments, you can determine the content’s quality. Finally, you can share it on other media like YouTube, Facebook. 

Turn Off Your Sound 

Did you know? Most of the audience like to watch the IGTV videos without any sound. It is better to add subtitles to your video, which will be helpful for the viewers. Or, you can add any mild or pleasant music.

Catch Your Audience Eyeballs

Remember, if the audience finds that your videos are not useful or don’t have any valuable information. Without any delay, they will skip them, particularly on platforms like Instagram. 

Your video must attract your audience within the first15 seconds. This shows you need to create with a good starting. It can be funny, quirky, simple, or forward, but it must impress your audience. On the other hand, you need to pay attention to create an aesthetic look for your content. Concentrate on titles; it must be enticing. Use tools to create customized thumbnails or cover images for your content. Add one or two sentences that describe your videos, include targeting keywords and relevant hashtags related to your content. All those factors help to pull your audience to continue your video. 

Test Your Video Length 

Of course, you are allowed to upload videos for up to 1 hour. But it doesn’t mean that you need to make use of all those 60 minutes. Depending on your content, your audience preference, you can cut short your length. Try to keep your video short because most of the audience likes engaging with short videos rather than lengthy ones.  

Make Use Of Insights 

With the help of Instagram insight, you can find how your videos are performing with your audience. You can get many useful metrics like view rate, engagement rate, retention rate, and more. With this info’s help, you can find whether your content or brand is working or not. 


Once you planned your content and were ready to promote it before and after you published. You have many ways to advertise your content. It helps to gain maximum reach and visibility for your content. Also, your channel will get more exposure. With all these ways, you can promote your IGTV videos easily. 

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

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